The Liberal Party in Lincolnshire exists to build a liberal society in which every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security and none shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. Its chief care is for the rights and opportunities of the individual and in all spheres it sets freedom first.

Within Lincolnshire we support local Town and Parish Councillors and County and District Councils. We believe in the community need for the City of Lincoln to be made a unitary authority and for the remaining areas to be split into Lindsey Kestevan and Holland with strengthened districts and town councils this makes for a more viable arrangement and also resonates more with the community.  We also would like to see far more support for public transport and less dependence on road traffic which creates  levels of dependency despite its convenience and should not be the sole method of transport.   Our Coastal Communities particularly need good infrastructure and there needs to be a rail link across the humber connecting Barton on Humber with Hull and a reconnection of Louth to the rail network.  If we don't want our country landscape to be populated by bags, cans and plastic bottles we need to take action now to set the environmental bar to our personal action and have that reflected in our policies for schools, youth clubs, colleges and universities so that students realise that individual action means taking personal responsibility for litter and what we consume.



Lincolnshire Liberals will be contesting Lincoln and North Kestervan area seats in the coming elections.  Cllr Charles Shaw will be contesting Lincoln City and  Bracebridge Heath Councillor Jason Blackmore will be contesting the Washingborough seat which also covers Bracebridge Heath and surrounds. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR ELECTION ADDRESSES AND DETAILS.


Cllr Blackmore adds to the list of successful your local voice candidates and will be pleased to hear of issues that concern you.  He can be reached via the Lincolnshire Liberal Party numbers below.

Lincolnshire Liberal support the facilities available through 'Democracy Club' but always put Liberal principles first.URL:



The video above quite simply shows the rudeness and arrogance of Mr Nick Clegg of The Lib Dems when speaking to Cllr Steve Radford as President of The Liberal Party on Andrew Neil's Television programe

and Cllr Radfords polite continuation.  The Manx video below shows how great democracy can be achieved whatever the size of your country.

Cllr Charles Shaw explains why the Liberal Democrats are losing members grounded in real service to their local communities. These people are Councillors and activists who have seen the need to go back to supporting their community. These are Local Lincs Liberals. 



The next meeting of Lincolnshire Liberals will be in central Lincoln in February 2022 subject to the Coronavirus regulations and will be held on a skype type platform if necessary.  Lincolnshire will be working towards the local elections and the Liberal Assembly in the Autumn.  We are all working to support the end to the coronavirus political stalemate and avoid lockdowns..

Cllr Charles Shaw speaks out on the Coronavirus

Anticipating the widely awaited Liberal Party policy statement on post the pandemic Charles Shaw has made it clear that we can have no fear of standing up for peoples views on the pandemic.  The Post Covid 19 period must not be used as an excuse for silencing those who feel that London precautions were wrongly applied to the provinces and we should get back to normality as soon as practicable. 

Lincolnshire Liberals are proud to supply video content from across the political spectrum which supports our views and/or entertains website viewers.  There are great people in most political parties and all are entitle to a view but naturally we think that Local Lincolnshire Liberals are the best having an independent view and that centralist collectivist parties are not the answer if we are to ensure local equality and fairness.


Lincolnshire Liberals respect the right to self determination and support the implementation of the result of the 2016 referendum, however, unlike the Liberal Democrats encourage open debate amongst all members on the EU and other political issues and have leave and remain members. This applies to other areas such as the Environment, Transport, Education and on how we can build a fair society recognising that Freedom and Security are not always the same.

To contact us please email or telephone 01522 524305 or join via the membership option on you can also join as a purely local member and you will be communicated with personally not bombarded with centrally processed directives and emails as with the lib dems which we are not although we will work with all other parties to achieve our commonly shared aims.  You can also write to us at Lincolnshire Liberals

25 Silver Street, Bardney, Lincoln, LN3 5SS.  We have members who represent on various councils.  The County Lead for Town and Parish Councils is Councillor Charles Shaw who deals with matters in Bardney Group area West Lindsey and in Skellingthorpe area in North Kestevan and also Parliamentary Spokesperson Matters in Lincoln Constituency.


If you feel our aims are your aims you can join Lincolnshire Liberals by clicking on the membership section of completing the membership form and posting it to Liberal Party head office at 41 Sutton Street, LIVERPOOL L13 7EG. or you can contact the local party on 01522 524305


For further exposition of Liberal Party policy and approach in Local Government why not visit the Peterborough Liberals website with whose approach we agree.  If you share these methods and principles WHY NOT JOIN US - Contact 01522 524305.







Centree: The New Liberal Political Group. 

Lincolnshire Liberals are members of Centre the new political grouping formed after Liberal Leave, providing new, young and fresh thought on the way ahead.  If you are a new liberal have been in Liberalism for decades or a student who is attracted to a centre viewpoint you may wish to visit

Northern Ireland 

Assembly The Party

notes with concern that the Stormont Assembly has not sat for 33 months. 

Northern Ireland has been left in a state of limbo by assembly members 

and the party urges all elected members to

consider their responsibili5es to the province and to show leadership and maturity. The power sharing arrangement 

ensured a forum for debate and a visible

 sign that the province has returned to 

stability after decades of con´Čéict








No to Fracking in the UK

Fracking and Subterranean earth tremors 

The Liberal Party notes the continued series of

 earth tremors in the vicinity of 

drilling site at Preston New Road in Lancashire

The party reiterates its support for the termination of fracking in the Uk. The party

believes that government support 

would be better directed to local 
renewable energy schemes and the long-term development of storage technology.

Hong Kong


the Liberal party records that The transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong,[1][2][3] commonly known as the handover of Hong Kong  occurred at midnight on 1 July 1997, when the United Kingdom ended administration for the colony of Hong Kong and passed control of the territory to ChinaHong Kong became a special administrative region and continues to maintain governing and economic systems separate from those of mainland China.
We deplore increasing attempts by the People's Republic of China to undermine the rights and liberties assured in that transfer agreement
We deplore the build up of troops along the Hong Kong border designed to intimidate the population of Hong Kong.
Therefore with immediate effect the UK government should declare all UK citizens at the time of transfer  1st July 1997 should be given automatic right to live in the UK, unless they had been subject to serious criminal convictions


We are not the Lib Dems we are Local Liberals

 Now is the time to join the Liberal Party

With Labour tearing itself apart and hijacked by the far left we need an alternative.

Unlike the Lib Dems who sold out to the Tory Party, the continuing Liberal Party stuck to our principles. We support a dynamic economy, encourage individual enterprise, social justice and the development of individuals and communities. Click here to read about a few of our key policies.

County, district, Town and Parish Councillors needed in Lincolnshire.

Serve your community as a Liberal Councillor with an Independent Mind not centrally controlled like the Lib Dems.  Contact us on 01522 524305 if you would like to know more.   If you like us are Liberal and want to serve your community without being forced into Remain or Leave as the lib dems are making people then come and join our community orientated team.

You can also ring 07760 843910






Skellingthorpe Surgery

The Liberal Party notes with dismay the decision to close the Skellingthorpe GP Surgery and the complicity of the NHS commissioning in this process and call upon the GP's to hand the surgery over as a gift to the Skellingthorpe Local Council for use as Community Consulting rooms and othe needed facilities.  This reduction in services based on a complete misunderstanding and lack of care and interest in small town and village communities is happening too often across Lincolnshire.